Holds Worth Design

Our goal is to package your message in an appealing way through strategy, design, and delivery. We take the time to get to know our clients and to understand their challenges. We make them our own and then aspire to overcome them with you. 




Web Design


We pride ourselves in being one of the top web design and development agencies in Edmonton. We bring a unique approach to design whereby we prefer to think outside of the prevailing trends and fashions which dominate the landscape of our industry. Find out more about how we can help you with your web presence.

Web Development


An appealing website is a big part of the battle, but functionality can’t be sacrificed in the name of good looks. That’s why we provide design and development services to ensure that your website project is a seamless process where you only have to contact one studio for all your web needs.


Logo Design & Branding


We’re not just a web design shop. We do corporate logo design and branding too. This can range from simple logo designs to fully fleshed out brand strategies, style guides, and brand elements that ensure and maximize the effectiveness of your marketing and communications materials.

Graphic Design


Bringing together all of our creative services is graphic design. This includes the visual design work we provide in web and logo design but also extends to any other kind of visual design that can incorporate your branding. This includes catalogs, signage, displays, reports, stationary, and much more.